Best Places to Smoke Weed

Smoking weed abroad can be a great way to enrich your experiences in a foreign land. However it’s a good idea to do your research before travelling as the laws on marijuana vary dramatically around the world. Here are just a few great locations you can visit that are ideal for the travelling pot smoker, in no particular order:

Amsterdam - Easily the most obvious choice to start off our list. Amsterdam has long been revered as the destination location for pot smokers around the world. Famous for its cafes that sell weed as well as being home to the world’s largest flower garden, Keukenhof.

Mexico - A few years ago Mexico decriminalized possession of up to 5 grams of weed. Mexico’s climate is also perfect for growing marijuana. However, be prepared with a bribe if the police catch you carrying more than the limit or smoking in public.

Switzerland - Another country that has recently decriminalized marijuana is Switzerland. With it’s gorgeous landscapes and world renowned chocolate, who wouldn't want to get high and enjoy all of the beauty that the country has to offer?

Vancouver, BC - Known for it’s BC Bud, Vancouver is widely regarded as the marijuana capital of Canada. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Vancouver is rich in culture and surrounded by nature. While weed technically is still illegal, it’s highly tolerated by the local community and law enforcement.

Montevideo - Possession of marijuana has been legal in Uruguay since 1974. But they aren’t stopping there. Uruguay is looking to soon pass a bill that will allow it’s government total control over the entire marijuana industry with plans to price weed at $1 per gram.

Denver, CO - As the first state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana, Colorado not only has bragging rights, but a booming market as well. Bringing in over $50 million in sales revenue in their first full year of legalization, Denver may have a whole new reason to be known as the mile high city.

Nimbin, Australia - Though cannabis has been decriminalized in many states across the country, Nimbin is the true heart Australia's love for marijuana. Here weed is openly grown, sold and consumed on the streets. Nimbin’s local community has been campaigning for the end to marijuana prohibition since 1993.

Seattle, WA - Coming in a very close second to Colorado, Washington state also voted to make weed legal in 2013. Since 1991, Seattle has been host to the largest weed festival on Earth known as Hempfest. Every year in August, cannabis enthusiasts from around the world travel to this west coast metropolis to share their love and knowledge of cannabis.

Barcelona, Spain - It’s hard not to be inspired in a city as beautiful as Barcelona. It’s breathtaking architecture, art and active nightlife are sure to capture your imagination. Barcelona is also home to multiple cannabis festivals such as Spannabis and the High Life Expo. While weed has been decriminalized here, it’s not legal to buy, sell, or smoke in public.

However, you can legally carry up to 40 grams of the stuff — just make sure to obtain it somewhere discreet.

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