The High Life, Since 1964


We're told to "look to the past to see into the future," but wouldn’t it be nice to actually recreate a small piece of the past today?

At Schwag we aim to breathe new life into an iconic brand that won over our hearts and minds, without ever technically existing in the first place.

On August 28, 1964, Bob Dylan got The Beatles high on Schwag at The Delmonico Hotel in New York City, changing the way the world would come to see and use marijuana for decades to come.  This historical encounter was special, yes. But for a lot of us, the story of Schwag isn’t about one particular place or moment in time. Rather, it's about the broader meaning of our youth as a whole.

If you've smoked marijuana, you’ve probably smoked Schwag. And if you've smoked Schwag, you’ve probably had those nostalgic memories of friendship, rebellion, adventure, and coming of age nestled away for decades now.


Not unlike Volkswagen reinventing the Beetle for it, we decided that classic Schwag brand needed to be reinterpreted: to evolve and adapt alongside those of us who reluctantly left it behind for so-called greener pastures.

Few words or symbols conjure up the memories of our experimental youth quite like "Schwag." 

Remember your first concert?  Schwag was there. 

The first time you went camping with friends?  Schwag was there.

Your first house party? Schwag was likely there too.

Our mission is to stay true to an artifact that (in retrospect) inspired the legalization movement as a whole…while upgrading its profile to fit the now-discerning taste and needs of those of us who originally put it on the map.

We are Schwag…all grown up!

Schwag was there!